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Artist Title Label Comment Price
Ace, BuddyDon't Hurt No MoreEveJim 12.50
Adams, JohnnyBest Of New Orleans Rhythm & Blues Vol. 1Mardi Gras 12.50
Adams, JohnnyGreatest PerformanceAce 12.50
Adams, Peggy ScottBest OfMiss Butch 12.50
Adams, Peggy ScottGod Can...And He WillMiss Butch 12.50
Adams, Peggy ScottHot & SassyMiss Butch 12.50
Adams, Peggy ScottLive In Alabama & MoreMiss Butch 12.50
Adams, Peggy ScottUndisputed QueenMiss Butch 12.50
Adams, Peggy ScottContagiousMiss Butch 12.50
Adams, Peggy ScottHelp YourselfMiss Butch 12.50
Allen, VickBaby Come Back HomeWaldoxy 12.50
Anderson, GeneA Pimp StoryElectric Land 12.50
Andrews, RubyHip Shakin' MamaRipete Blues 12.50
Baker, SamI Believe In YouSoulscape (UK) 12.50
Baker, VickieI Could Show YouFaLife 12.50
Baker, VickieDon't Gimme No LipPaula 12.50
Bennett, JimHit BoundJa Ben 12.50
Bennett, JimPortrait Of A MasterpieceJa Ben 12.50
Benson, Jo JoReminiscing In The Jam ZoneAlpine 12.50
Big GKeeping It RealStone River 12.50
Blackfoot, J.Having An AffairBasix Music 12.50
Blackfoot, J.Stealing LoveBasix Music 12.50
Blake, CiceroStand By MeAce 12.50
Blake, CiceroWives Night OutAce 12.50
Blake, CiceroJust One Of Those ThingsValley Vue 12.50
Blakey, DocThe Blues Never Hurt So GoodIfgam 12.50
Bland, BobbyBlues At MidnightMalaco 12.50
Bland, BobbySad StreetMalaco 12.50
Bland, BobbyYears Of TearsMalaco 12.50
Bland, BobbyPortrait Of The BluesMalaco 12.50
Bland, BobbyMidnight RunMalaco 12.50
Bland, BobbyBlues You Can UseMalaco 12.50
Bland, BobbyFirst Class BluesMalaco 12.50
Bland, BobbyAfter AllMalaco 12.50
Bland, BobbyMembers OnlyMalaco 12.50
Blues Boy WillieJuke Joint BluesIchiban 12.50
Blues Boy WillieI Got The BluesIchiban 12.50
Blues DoctorOperating On The BluesJomar 12.50
BluesViewsL. Milton, S. Brown, D. LaSalle, E. Johnson, LatimoreMalaco (DVD) 12.50
Bluez, Ric ESexy SoulBetty Lowe 12.50
Bolton, FredI'm Gonna Git MineWilbe 12.50
Bonds, Billy SoulHere Kitty, KittyWaldoxy 12.50
Bonds, Billy SoulGoing Public AgainAvanti 12.50
Bonds, Billy SoulI'm On My Way BackAvanti 12.50
Bradley, DeeThe Candy ManEveJim 12.50
Brinston, DavidRockin'Waldoxy 12.50
Brinston, DavidSomebody's Cuttin My CakeMett Records 12.50
Brinston, DavidSlow DownJomar RecordsReissue12.50
Brown, BookerA New BeginningSteel Groove 12.50
Brown, BookerPassion Of LoveBlues River 12.50
Brown, BookerStir It UpTOC Records 12.50
Brown, LattimoreLittle Box Of TricksAim (AU) 12.50
Brown, NappyAw! ShucksIchiban 12.50
Brown, NatashaLack Of CommunicationLaryan 12.50
Brown, PatFor Your Information OnlyTapna 12.50
Brown, PatNew TricksTapna 12.50
Brown, PatBurning Hot And HeavyTapna 12.50
Brown, PatA Woman's ThangAvanti 12.50
Brown, ShirleyUnleashedMalaco 12.50
Brown, ShirleyHolding My OwnMalaco 12.50
Brown, ShirleyThe Soul Of A WomanMalaco 12.50
Brown, ShirleyDiva Of SoulMalaco 12.50
Brown, ShirleyJoy & PainMalaco 12.50
Buchana, O.B.That Thang ThangEcko Records 12.50
Buchana, O.B.I'm Gonna SleepEcko Records 12.50
Buchana, O.B.I Can't Stop Drinkin'Ecko Records 12.50
Burke, SolomonNashvilleShout Factory 12.50
Byrd, BobbyBack From The DeadHenry Stone 12.50
Calhoun, TazzIt's All GoodMardi Gras 12.50
Carr, BarbaraIt's My TimeEcko Records 12.50
Carr, BarbaraDown Low BrotherEcko Records 12.50
Carr, BarbaraOn My OwnBarCar 12.50
Carr, BarbaraWhat A Woman WantsEcko Records 12.50
Carr, BarbaraBone Me Like You Own MeEcko Records 12.50
Carr, BarbaraFootprints On The CeilingEcko Records 12.50
Carter, ClarenceOne More HitCee Gee Ent. 12.50
Carter, ClarenceAll Y'all Feeling All RightCee Gee Ent. 12.50
Certified SlimMove Somethin'Henry Stone Music 12.50
Chairmen Of The BoardAll In The FamilyXcel Music 12.50
Charles, Billy RaySouthern Soul...My WayWaldoxy 12.50
Clayton, WillieThe Tribute - One Man One VoiceEMG 12.50
Clayton, WillieIf Loving You Wasn't Good Enough...SDEG 12.50
Clayton, WillieLove, Romance & RespectEndzone 12.50
Clayton, WillieMy TymeMalaco 12.50
Clayton, WillieGiftedMalaco 12.50
Clayton, WillieFull CircleMalaco 12.50
Clayton, WillieFull CircleEndzone (CD & DVD) 12.50
Clayton, WillieChanging Tha GameEndzone 12.50
Clayton, WillieClassic Soul Vol.1Endzone 12.50
Clayton, WillieLast Man StandingEndzone 12.50
Clayton, WillieIt's About LoveSumthing Else 12.50
Clayton, WillieUnconditional LoveAvantiCD-single12.50
Clayton, WillieGod Has A PlanAvanti 12.50
Clayton, WillieThe Lost TracksAvanti 12.50
Clayton, WillieSomething To Talk AboutAvanti 12.50
Clayton, WillieChapter OneGamma 12.50
Clayton, WillieAce In The HoleAce 12.50
Clayton, WillieSimply BeautifulAce 12.50
Clayton, WillieLet's Get TogetherAce 12.50
Clayton, WillieAt His BestIchiban 12.50
Clayton, WillieNo Getting Over MeIchiban 12.50
Clayton, WillieFeels Like LoveIchiban 12.50
Coday, BillPut Me In The MoodEcko Records 12.50
Coday, BillCan't Get EnoughEcko Records 12.50
Coday, BillSneakin' BackEcko Records 12.50
Conerly, Bobby7 Come 11Rob-K Master Chef 12.50
Cooley, PatReal ThingL & L Records 12.50
Cunningham, OmarWorth The WaitEndzone 12.50
Cunningham, OmarHell At The HouseOn Top 12.50
Davis, MauriceSoulfulTouring 12.50
Davis, MauriceRhythm & BluesTouring 12.50
Davis, MauriceBackstabbersTouring 12.50
Davis, MauriceThe Right WaySims 12.50
Davis, RueShake It LooseKon-Kord 12.50
Davis, RueHeaven Has Sent Me Your LoveKon-Kord 12.50
Davis, RueSings With His FriendsAvanti 12.50
Davis, RueSomebody Wants YouAvanti 12.50
Davis, TyroneCome To DaddyFuture 12.50
Davis, TyronePleasing YouMalaco 12.50
Davis, TyroneSimply Tyrone DavisMalaco 12.50
Davis, TyroneYou Stay On My MindIchiban 12.50
Davis, TyroneSomething's Mighty WrongIchiban 12.50
Davis, TyroneI'll Always Love YouIchiban 12.50
De, SimoneA Definitive CollectionPremier Music 12.50
De, SimoneI Can't Take It No MorePremier Music 12.50
Dean, SnoopyI Can Read Between The LinesHot Blues 12.50
DeSanto, Sugar PieRefined SugarJasman 12.50
Diamond, TinaIn The Heart Of The CityAvanti 12.50
Durham, GeromeGerome Durham  12.50
Ealey, TheodisIf You Leave Me, I'm Going Wit' ChaIchiban 12.50
Ealey, TheodisHeaded Back To HurtsvilleIchiban 12.50
Edwards, DennisTalk To MeThree Gems 12.50
Ellis, Jimmy PreacherRed, Hot & BluesKris Records 12.50
Ellis, Jimmy PreacherThat's Why We All Have The BluesVictoria Underground 12.50
Feva, SandraSavoir FaireHot Productions 12.50
Fields, LeeIt's Hard To Go Back After Loving YouAvanti 12.50
Floyd, JeffKeepin' It RealWilbe 12.50
Garrett, VernonBlues In The KitchenVideo Uptown 12.50
Garrett, VernonWelfare BluesVideo Uptown 12.50
Garrett, VernonWhen Something Is Wrong With My BabyEveJim 12.50
Garrett, VernonHalf Past The BluesIchiban 12.50
Garrett, VernonToo Hip To Be HappyIchiban 12.50
Golden, QuinnWhat's The Name Of That ThangEcko Records 12.50
Golden, QuinnCover You With A KissEcko Records 12.50
Golden, QuinnI Am Serious About Your LoveTraction 12.50
Green, AlEverything's OKBlue Note 12.50
Green BrothersSoulsvilleLocobop 12.50
Green, PatrickSouthern SoulAcross The Board 12.50
Green, PatrickStill A ThrillAcross The Board 12.50
Green, PatrickParty ToniteAcross The Board 12.50
Green, PatrickTears In My HeartAcross The Board 12.50
Green, PatrickHere I AmWaldoxy 12.50
Green, SamDownhome Millennium SoulRoya Records 12.50
Green, ToniSouthern Soul MusicGood Time 12.50
Green, ToniMixed EmotionsSoulTrax 12.50
Haddix, TravisMean Ole YesterdayWann-Sonn 12.50
Hamilton, Big JohnAre You Happy With HimSoulscape (UK) 12.50
Hamilton, Larry LoveThe SoulmanLJH Records 12.50
Hammer, Jay'eWork It On MeBlues River 12.50
Hardway ConnectionHot TicketWilbe 12.50
Harris, BettyThe Lost Soul QueenAim (AU) 12.50
Harris, Cadillac GeorgeUsing Me To Hurt HimBlack Grape (UK) 12.50
Harrison, SterlingTwo Way Love AffairKon-Kord 12.50
Henry, PatrickContagiousDrove 12.50
Henry, PatrickLove GamesHotBox 12.50
Henry, PatrickCome And Get ItLanor 12.50
Henry, PatrickDeep Rhythm & SoulLanor 12.50
Hill, Z.Z.BluesmasterMalaco 12.50
Hill, Z.Z.I'm A BluesmanMalaco 12.50
Hill, Z.Z.The Rhythum & The BluesMalaco 12.50
Hill, Z.Z.Down HomeMalaco 12.50
Hines, AnnMan HuntPlatinum Blue 12.50
Holloway, EddieThe Greatest HitsEmpire Musicwerks 12.50
Holloway, EddieShake N' BumpHot Blues 12.50
Holloway, EddieHollerin' 'N' Poppin'Hot Blues 12.50
Holloway, EddieI Had A Good TimeHot Blues 12.50
Hudson, DavidI Got What You WantHenry Stone 12.50
Hughes, FreddieI Know It's Hard But It's FairBlues Express 12.50
Hughley, GeorgeNothing But The BluesRoya Records 12.50
Jackson, GeorgeWhat Would You Mama SayGrapevine (UK) 12.50
Jackson, JackieAre You With MeEveJim 12.50
Jackson, YvonneI'm TroubleIchiban 12.50
James, JesseI Lost My Baby On FacebookGunsmoke 12.50
James, JesseVersatility - Best Of Vol. 1Gunsmoke 12.50
James, JesseIt Just Don't Feel The SameGunsmoke 12.50
James, JesseOperator Please Put Me ThroughGunsmoke 12.50
James, JesseI Can Do Bad By MyselfGunsmoke 12.50
Jerry LA Million WomenCDS Records 12.50
Jerry LLast Word In LonesomeSoultrax 12.50
Johnson, ErnieIt's Party Time RevivedStairway Ent. 12.50
Johnson, ErnieSqueeze ItPhat Sound 12.50
Johnson, ErnieHot & SteamyWaldoxy 12.50
Johnson, ErnieIn The MoodWaldoxy 12.50
Johnson, ErnieIt's Party TimePaula 12.50
Johnson, ErnieJust In TimeRonn 12.50
Johnson, Frank-OOnly Time Will TellPhat Sound 12.50
Johnson, Frank-OThis Must Be A Cheatin' TownPhat Sound 12.50
Johnson, Frank-OFaces Of Frank OPhat Sound 12.50
Johnson, Frank-OLive In Atlantic CityPhat Sound 12.50
Johnson, Frank-OOJ I'm GuiltyAce 12.50
Johnson, Frank-OBack StreetsAce 12.50
Johnson, L.V.UnclassifiedIchiban 12.50
Johnson, RozettaPersonal WomanSoulscape (UK) 12.50
Johnson, Li'l WillieLeave My KeysAlpine Records 12.50
Johnson, SylHands Of TimeHep'Me 12.50
Jones, CharlieCrazy Over YouAmbush 12.50
Jones, CharliePower Of LoveAmbush 12.50
Jones, CharlieChoking Kind Of LoveKon-Kord 12.50
Jones, ThelmaLaw Of OldLight Touch 12.50
Jonz, BobbyLee Shot Stole My FreakRed Dot 12.50
Jonz, BobbyYour Freak Is HereBig BidnessCutout12.50
Jonz, BobbyThis Is Bobby Jonz CountryAvanti 12.50
Jonz, BobbyIn The Mood For LoveAce 12.50
Joseph, MargieLatter RainSistahpraise 12.50
K BandThe Party Is Right HereRoya Records 12.50
Kimble, NathanielI'm BackBrimstone 12.50
Kimble, NathanielCan You Bagg It UpNathaniel Kimble 12.50
Knight, ClaytonThankful For Your LoveBlues River 12.50
Knight, ClaytonCertified FreakButler Records 12.50
Lackey, LutherI Should Have Stayed ScaredEcko Records 12.50
Lackey, LutherI'm Talking To YouGood Time 12.50
Lady J.What Goes Around Comes AroundBackStreet 12.50
LaSalle, Denise24 Hour WomanMalaco 12.50
LaSalle, DenisePay Before You PumpEcko Records 12.50
LaSalle, DeniseWantedEcko Records 12.50
LaSalle, DeniseThis Real WomanOrdena2-CD13.50
LaSalle, DeniseSmokin' In BedMalaco 12.50
LaSalle, DeniseStill BadMalaco 12.50
LaSalle, DeniseLove Me RightMalaco 12.50
LaSalle, DeniseStill TrappedMalaco 12.50
LaSalle, DeniseHittin Where It HurtsMalaco 12.50
LaSalle, DeniseRain & FireMalaco 12.50
LaSalle, DeniseA Lady In The StreetMalaco 12.50
LaVette, BettyeA Woman Like MeBlues Express 12.50
LatimoreLadies ChoiceLatStone 12.50
LatimoreAll About The Rhythm And The BluesLatStone 12.50
LatimoreBack 'AthcaLatStone 12.50
LatimoreTurnin' Up The MoodJ-Town 12.50
LatimoreCatchin UpMalaco 12.50
LatimoreSlow DownMalaco 12.50
LattimoreLatt Is BackBrittney 12.50
Lawson, JoyceToday I Sing The BluesEveJim 12.50
Lawson, RickSexifiedEcko Records 12.50
Lee, AndreSo GoodAvanti 12.50
Lee, FrankieStanding At The CrossroadsBlues Express 12.50
Lee, FrankieHere I Go AgainBlues Express 12.50
Lee, FrankieThe Ladies And The BabiesHighToneCutout12.50
LeonHooked On YouNuMac Ent. 12.50
Leon, EddieLet Me In Your Arms AgainLeon Records 12.50
Lewis, JimmyLighten UpMiss Butch 12.50
Lewis, JimmySoupboneMiss Butch 12.50
Lewis, JimmyNever Met A Woman I Didn't LikeMiss Butch 12.50
Lewis, JimmySoulgasmMiss Butch 12.50
Lewis, JimmyIt's Getting HarderMiss Butch 12.50
Lil JimmieIt Might Be The Last TimeButler Records 12.50
Lindsey, AlCaughtPulsating Music 12.50
Little BuckI'mma Stir It UpStudio Showtime 12.50
Little MiltonFor RealMalaco 12.50
Little MiltonI'm A GamblerMalaco 12.50
Little MiltonStrugglin' LadyMalaco 12.50
Little MiltonToo Much PainMalaco 12.50
Little MiltonBack To BackMalaco 12.50
Little MiltonMovin' To The CountryMalaco 12.50
Little MiltonAnnie Mae's CafeMalaco 12.50
Little MiltonPlaying For KeepsMalaco 12.50
LolaCleaning HouseWilbe Records 12.50
Love, ArchieAll About LoveLoveland Records 12.50
Love, ArchieSincerely YoursRight Now 12.50
Lovejoy, RonnieNobody's Fault But MineAvanti 12.50
Lovejoy, RonnieUntil You Get Enough Of MeAvanti 12.50
Lynn, TrudyMemories Of YouJus Blues 12.50
Lynn, TrudyU Don't Know What Time It IsRuf Records 12.50
Mr. DavidSouthern Soul SingerTony Mercedes 12.50
Ms. JodyMs Jody's In The HouseEcko Records 12.50
Ms. JodyKeepin' It RealEcko Records 12.50
Ms. JodyMs Jody's In The Streets AgainEcko Records 12.50
Ms. JodyI Never Take A Day OffEcko Records 12.50
Ms. JodyWhat You Gonna Do When The Rent Is Due?Ecko Records 12.50
Ms. JodyYou're My AngelEcko Records 12.50
Ms. PeachesBig Legs Woman With A ThrillVideo Uptown 12.50
MarlenaMake Me Feel Real GoodBogus 12.50
Mathews, TonyAlien In My Own HouseIchiban 12.50
McClain, Mighty SamOne More Bridge To CrossMighty Music 12.50
McClure, BobbyThe Cherry LPIchiban 12.50
McCrae, GwenSings TKHenry Stone 12.50
McCrae, GwenI'm Not WorriedLewMar 12.50
McCrae, GwenStill Rock'InPhat Sound 12.50
McCrae, GwenPsychic Hot LineIchiban 12.50
McCrae, GwenMelody Of LifeHenry Stone 12.50
McCrae, GwenFor Your LoveHenry Stone 12.50
McDee, StephanieSouthern Soul QueenMiracle 12.50
McGee, BernardGiving It UpRosemount 12.50
McGee, BernardLove Me EasySusie Q 12.50
McMullen, LeonCan I Take You Out TonightSound Mindz 12.50
McMullen, LeonJust A Few WordsMain Street Music 12.50
Meadows, WilsonTighten UpM&M Records/Brimstone 12.50
Meadows, WilsonLove BombBGR/M&M 12.50
Miles, FloydCrazy ManIchiban 12.50
Mitchell, ReneaThe Road Of LoveJomar Records 12.50
Moore, DorothyI'm Doing AlrightFarish Street 12.50
Moore, DorothyMore MooreMalaco 12.50
Moore, DorothyStay Close To HomeMalaco 12.50
Moore, DorothyMisty BlueMalaco 12.50
Moore, SamPlenty Good Lovin'2KSounds 12.50
Morgan, JamesIt Takes More To Keep HerCarjobel Records 12.50
Morris, LeeMorris Code 337Da-Man RecordsCutout12.50
Mosley, StanI Like ItCDS Records 12.50
Mosley, StanI'm Comin' BackCDS Records 12.50
Mosley, StanSteppin OutLiaison Records 12.50
Mosley, StanDo RightMalaco 12.50
Mosley, StanSouled OutMalaco 12.50
Mosley, StanThe Soul SingerMalaco 12.50
Mystery LadyMidnight RunMonaro 12.50
Mystery ManHit The Right SpotHitmakers USA 12.50
Neal, RafulI Been MistreatedIchiban 12.50
Nightingale, OllieOllie StyleEcko Records 12.50
Nightingale, OllieMake It SweetEcko Records 12.50
Nightingale, OllieTell Me What You Want Me To DoEcko Records 12.50
Nightingale, OllieI'll Drink Your Bath Water, BabyEcko Records 12.50
Omarr,VelThe Greatest Song I Ever SangSpecial Soul Music 12.50
Padgett, BettyI Didn't Take Your ManBrimstone 12.50
Padgett, BettyNever Coming HomeMeia Records 12.50
Padgett, BettyCloset LoverHeaven Bound 12.50
Patterson, BobbySecond ComingUltrax 12.50
Payne, BerthaGlamorous Bedroom OfferFi-Rea 12.50
Perry, SteveCome Back LoveBluesland 12.50
Pickett, StephanieFinally Made ItAviara Music 12.50
Potts-Wright, ShebaLet Your Mind Go BackEcko Records 12.50
Potts-Wright, ShebaI'm A Bluesman's DaughterEcko Records 12.50
Potts-Wright, ShebaBig Hand ManEcko Records 12.50
Potts-Wright, ShebaI Need A Cowboy To Ride My PonyEcko Records 12.50
Powell, BobbyLouisiana SoulAim (AU) 12.50
Price, PriscillaI'm Not For SaleKing Snake 12.50
Pride, LouKeep On BelievingSevern 12.50
Pride, LouI Won't Give UpIcehouse 12.50
Pride, LouLove At LastWMB 12.50
Prince, BarbaraWork On MeS&M Records 12.50
ProjektJukeMr. Tee Records 12.50
Queen EmilyQueen EmilyMalaco 12.50
Queen IsabellaLoving A Married ManKon-Kord 12.50
Rawls, JohnnyHeart & SoulDeep South 12.50
Reggie P.Your Love Is A Bad HabitRudeboyy Ent. 12.50
Reggie P.Why Me ?Allison Records 12.50
Reggie P.Can't Turn A Street Woman Into A HousewifeK.O.W. / Lily B.Reissue12.50
Reggie P.Who Am I ?Avanti 12.50
Reed, FrancineCan't Make It On My OwnIchiban 12.50
Relford, SammieSolo FliteJalacia Records 12.50
Rene, WendyAfter Laughter Comes TearsLight In The Attic 12.50
Richardson, ThomasDouble DramaHit Track 12.50
Roberson, ChuckThe Devil Made Me Do ItDesert Sounds Records 12.50
Roberson, ChuckExpressions Of YesterdayCruise On Records 12.50
Roberson, ChuckLove PowerEcko Records 12.50
Roberson, ChuckSomething Good For YouEcko Records 12.50
Roberts, RoySicily MoonRock House 12.50
Robinson, J.P.Classic R&B From The 1960sHenry Stone 12.50
Rogers, D.J.Say You Love MeIchiban 12.50
RoniCall MeAllison Records 12.50
Roy CLiveHT Records 12.50
Roy CHey Mista'Three Gems 12.50
Roy CI'm In Too DeepThree Gems 12.50
Roy CRoy C Meets The Root DoctorJacque Johnson 12.50
Roy CSlippin & SlidinThree Gems 12.50
Roy CI'm Workin' Hard For You BabyThree Gems 12.50
Roy CCall Me 634 5789Three Gems 12.50
Roy CRock Me All NightThree Gems 12.50
Roy CLet Me Take You To ParadiseThree Gems 12.50
Roy CShe's A LadyThree Gems 12.50
Roy CI Want To Be Were You Are (All Night Long)Three Gems 12.50
Roy CThe Best Of The Roy C CollectionThree Gems 12.50
Roy CMore Sex & More SoulCollectables 12.50
Roy CSex & SoulCollectables 12.50
Rucker, VernisStranger In The SheetsSoulTrax 12.50
Rush, BobbyThe Essential Recordings Vol. 2Deep Rush 12.50
Rush, BobbyThe Essential Recordings Vol. 1Deep Rush 12.50
Rush, BobbyNight Fishin'Deep Rush 12.50
Rush, BobbyWhat's Good For The Goose Is Good For The GanderLaJam 12.50
Ruth, HelonHold OnAvanti 12.50
Sam & DaveSam & DaveHenry Stone 12.50
Sang'n ClarenceLay'N It Onya!Waldoxy 12.50
Scott, E.C.MasterpieceBlind Pig 12.50
Scott, E.C.Come Get Your LoveBlind Pig 12.50
Scott, PeggyShe's Got It AllShout Records (UK) 12.50
Sea, DavidLove Makes The World Go RoundPark Place 12.50
Sease, MarvinWho's Got The PowerMalaco 12.50
Sease, MarvinLive With The Candy LickerMalaco 12.50
Sease, MarvinPlaya HatersMalaco 12.50
Sease, MarvinI Got Beat OutJive 12.50
Shelton, RoscoeLet It ShineBlack Top 12.50
Shelton, RoscoeDeep In My SoulAim (AU) 12.50
Simmons, ChuckHustler's StrutFunky Delicacies 12.50
Sims, CarlCan't Stop MeEcko Records 12.50
Sims, CarlI'm ReadyEcko Records 12.50
Sims, CarlIt's Just A PartyEcko Records 12.50
Sims, CarlBrick HouseEntune 12.50
Sims, CarlLet Me Be The OneWaldoxy 12.50
Sims, CarlHouse Of LovePaula Records 12.50
Sir LawrenceHe's BackSmash Hit Records 12.50
Smiley, Eugene Sr.LegendsSmiley Bowman 12.50
Smith, GreggStacked In The BackHometown Records 12.50
Smith, Gregg$$ Money Talks $$Ichiban 12.50
Smith, GreggIt's My TimeUltrax 12.50
Soul UnlimitedGood LovinBrimstone 12.50
Spencer, ElvinPicking Up The PiecesIchiban 12.50
SpringSpring Is HereSounds Of Spring 12.50
Stallings, CharlesOne Night LoverB-Town 12.50
Stanberry, Earnest Jr.Dance With The LadiesCenturion 12.50
Staton, CandiWho's Hurting NowHonest Jons (EU) 12.50
Staton, CandiHis HandsAstralwerks 12.50
Strong, ChuckShe's SpecialMiss Butch 12.50
Strong, ChuckShe's Not The Cheating KindMiss Butch 12.50
Strong, ChuckShe's Got Papers On MeSM Records 12.50
Strong, ChuckI Can't Wait To See You AgainSM Records 12.50
Superior Band Featuring AudreyNo House No Home Without My ManKon-Kord 12.50
Swamp DoggIf I Ever Kiss It...S.D.E.G. Records 12.50
Sweet AngelBold BitchEcko Records 12.50
Sweet AngelAnother Man's Meat On My PlateEcko Records Sound Studio 12.50
SynethiaLive It Love ItJS Records 12.50
Tasby, FinisBlues A Tribute To John Lee HookerKon-Kord 12.50
Taylor, FloydYou Still Got ItMalaco 12.50
Taylor, FloydNo DoubtMalaco 12.50
Taylor, FloydLegacyMalaco 12.50
Taylor, JimmyExperienceRSP Records 12.50
Taylor, JohnnieLive At The Summit ClubStax 12.50
Taylor, JohnnieThere's No Good In GoodbyeMalaco 12.50
Taylor, JohnnieReal LoveMalaco 12.50
Taylor, JohnnieI Know It's Wrong, But I... Just Can't Do RightMalaco 12.50
Taylor, JohnnieCrazy 'Bout YouMalaco 12.50
Taylor, JohnnieIn ControlMalaco 12.50
Taylor, JohnnieLover BoyMalaco 12.50
Taylor, JohnnieThis Is Your NightMalaco 12.50
Taylor, JohnnieChronicleStax 12.50
Taylor, Little JohnnieYou're Looking GoodNasha 12.50
Taylor, Little JohnnieUgly ManIchiban 12.50
Tee, WillieTeasin' YouNight Train 12.50
Temptations ReviewLook What The Lord Had DoneAscend Music 12.50
The Real Brown SugarI'm Tired Of Being The Woman On The SideAviara Music 12.50
Thomas, IrmaAfter The RainRounder 12.50
Thomas, IrmaIf You Want It, Come And Get ItRounder 12.50
Thomas, IrmaMy Heart's In MemphisRounder 12.50
Thomas, IrmaLive - Simply The BestRounder 12.50
Thomas, IrmaThe Way I FeelRounder 12.50
Thomas, TommyI Can't Believe She Put That Dog Ahead Of MeRock House 12.50
Tillman, RobertStill ThinkingWaldoxy 12.50
Tillman, RobertGive Me Just One ChanceAvanti 12.50
Tillman, RobertHurt By Love BeforeAce 12.50
Toney, Oscar Jr.Guilty Of Loving YouBGR 12.50
Travis, Nellie TigerI'm In Love With A Man I Can't StandCDS Records 12.50
Travis, Nellie TigerI'm A WomanCDS Records 12.50
Travis, Nellie TigerWanna Be With YouDa-Man Records 12.50
Troutman, TonyYour Man Is Home TonightGunsmoke 12.50
Varner, DonFinally Got OverRpm Records (UK) 12.50
Waiters, MelGot No CurfewBrittney Records 12.50
Waiters, MelSay What's On Your MindBrittney Records 12.50
Waiters, MelI Ain't Gone Do ItWaldoxy 12.50
Waiters, MelThrow Back DaysWaldoxy 12.50
Waiters, MelLet Me Show You How To LoveWaldoxy 12.50
Waiters, MelMaterial ThingsWaldoxy 12.50
Waiters, MelWoman In NeedWaldoxy 12.50
Walker, CynthiaBaby I'm The Real ThingAvanti 12.50
Walker, RandolphMy Love Is PowerfulAll N All 12.50
Walker, WillieMemphisapolisHaute 12.50
Warren, BobbyPioneers & LegendsKon-Kord 12.50
Warren, BobbyI Slipped UpKon-Kord 12.50
Warren, BobbyMake Me YoursKon-Kord 12.50
Washington, J. DiamondGit Wit ItTwo Brothers 12.50
Watkins, J.T.Why Not Tonight GirlArrow Heart 12.50
Watkins, J.T.I Can't Get Over YouAce 12.50
Watson, AnthonyI Love Being SingleAmherst 12.50
Wayne, BobbyHit That ThingBonedog 12.50
Wayne, Kenne'The Licka StickaMTE 12.50
Wayne, Kenne'Love DownMTE 12.50
Wayne, Kenne'Love On MeMTE 12.50
Wayne, Kenne'Old Fashion LoveMTE 12.50
West, WillieWhen You Tie The KnotPower Tyme 12.50
West, WillieFrom West With LoveUptown Rulers 12.50
White, ArtieBluesboyRonn 12.50
White, LynnMore Of The BestBlues Works 12.50
Williams, Dicky & Ken Massey GroupI'm Back AgainCDS Records 12.50
Williams, DickyFull Grown ManIchiban 12.50
Williams, DickyI Want You For BreakfastIchiban 12.50
Williams, DickyIn Your FaceIchiban 12.50
Williams, LennyIt Must Be LoveLenTom 12.50
Williams, Melvin GuitarShut Your MouthSticky Boy 12.50
Williams, SterlingBrand New ManEcko Records 12.50
Williams, SterlingOne Day At A TimeEverready 12.50
Williams, WilsonEating Ain't CheatingS.D.E.G. Records 12.50
Willie B.Dr. Jealous & Ms. HaterBama Records 12.50
Willis, ChickNasty ChickIchiban 12.50
Wilson, CharlesThe After PartyCDS Records 12.50
Wilson, CharlesSexual HealingHitmakers USA 12.50
Wilson, CharlesWhy ?Traction 12.50
Wilson, RubyShow You A Good TimeUnkut 12.50
Wolfe, KarenFirst Time OutB&J Records 12.50
Woods, Ike & ValIt's My Time NowDreamland 12.50
Wright, MarvaDo Right WomanShout Records (UK) 12.50
ZulemaThe Best Of Zulema - The RCA YearsIchiban 12.50
Various ArtistsDeep Soul Discoveries Vol. 4Titanic RecordsTrack Listing12.50
Various ArtistsDeep Soul Discoveries Vol. 3Titanic RecordsTrack Listing12.50
Various ArtistsDeep Soul Discoveries Vol. 2Titanic RecordsTrack Listing12.50
Various ArtistsDeep Soul Discoveries Vol. 1Titanic RecordsTrack Listing12.50
Various ArtistsA Deep Dip Into Texas Soul Vol. 1SFTVTrack Listing12.50
Various ArtistsA Deep Dip Into Memphis Soul Vol. 3SFTVTrack Listing12.50
Various ArtistsA Deep Dip Into Memphis SoulSFTVTrack Listing12.50
Various ArtistsThank You Again BobbySounds Good To Me (CA)Track Listing12.50
Various ArtistsBroadway Sound Sessions - Sandra Wright / James GovanSoulscape (UK)Track Listing12.50
Various ArtistsThe Wisbone MastersSoulscape (UK)Track Listing12.50
Various ArtistsSouthern Fried FunkGrapevine (UK)Track Listing12.50
Various ArtistsMalaco Soul Brothers Volume 2Soulscape (UK)Track Listing12.50
Various ArtistsWardell Quezergue - Strung OutGrapevine (UK)Track Listing12.50
Various ArtistsAce Of DiamondsAceTrack Listing12.50
Various ArtistsPlease Come Home For ChristmasAceTrack Listing12.50
Various ArtistsBeauty & The BeastAvantiTrack Listing12.50
Various ArtistsComing AttractionsAvantiTrack Listing12.50
Various ArtistsAvanti Hall Of FameAvantiTrack Listing12.50
Various ArtistsThe Kings & Queens Of AceAce (cutout)Track Listing12.50
Various ArtistsThe Heart Of Southern SoulExcelloTrack Listing12.50
Various ArtistsSuper Soul Blues Vol. IIIPaulaTrack Listing12.50
Various ArtistsClassic Detroit Style R&BSoul Sounds / My TownTrack Listing12.50
Various ArtistsA Memphis Soul Night Live In EuropeMMS (Germany) 2-CDTrack Listing12.50

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